My “Vintage Style QRP Transceiver” on YouTube

This transceiver was built to celebrate my 30 years anniversary in homebrewing QRP transceivers. The 14MHz rig was designed building an SSB transceiver like I did in the 80s. The only exception was, that this one uses SMD technology whereas in 1987 I used thru-hole components. But the rest is original 80s-style:

  • VFO instead of DDS
  • Standard S-Meter for TX and RX instead of OLED
  • Dynamic mic instead of electret mike

Have fun watching!

73 de Peter (DK7IH)

Author: Peter (DK7IH)

Radioamateur since 1987, constructor of radio hardware, software developer, science teacher in secondary education.

7 thoughts on “My “Vintage Style QRP Transceiver” on YouTube”

    1. Thanks a lot. I have hand-drawn them (according to my “vintage” project) but have to scan them first. ;-)) 73 de Peter

  1. Hi Peter,
    ich schau immer mal wieder auf deine Websites. Freut mich dass du noch immer so schön am Basteln bist und du offenstichtlich Spass daran hast. Mach weiter so.

    73 de Thomas DB1IAT
    (aus Deiner Technikklasse 1996)

    1. Hi Thomas,

      schön, mal wieder was den von den “alten” Leuten aus den Kursen zu hören! 😉 Habe vor Jahren schon mal Deine Seite entdeckt und gesehen, dass Du auch Transceiver baust. *Like*

      Viele Grüße von “links des Rheins”


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